Education Design and Development

The ARVC Foundation is dedicated to providing educational opportunities that mark an Excellence in Outdoor Hospitality Education. To this end, the ARVC Foundation works continuously to design and develop educational offerings that allow those in the outdoor hospitality industry opportunities to enhance their skill sets to advance their knowledge base and further their careers. Core educational offerings are listed below.

National School of RV Park and Campground Management

Designed to provide a high-quality educational experience focused on business management principles and practices that support the Outdoor Hospitality industry, the National School of RV Park and Campground Management provides two campuses (Eastern and Western) for students to come together to learn best practices and share knowledge and experiences. Both campuses offer curriculum designed to improve current or future owner and manager knowledge of the outdoor hospitality industry. Two different times of the year are also offered to accommodate the varying schedules of RV park and campground staff.

Click here to learn more about the National School of RV Park and Campground Management and to view upcoming session schedules.

     “The National School of RV Park and Campground Management is an amazing week of information.  Whether you are a new owner, old owner, prospective owner, or just an employee, this school is a must!  

     “I personally have attend Session 1 and Session 2.  The first year was an overwhelming amount of information in such a short time but I took away many important do's and don’ts, was given a plethora of tools needed to run a campground effectively and efficiently, had access to wonderful instructors (who by the way are VOLUNTEERS) who have been through the trials and tribulations of the industry, and made new friends and connections to reach out to in times of need.

     “The second instructional session was even better!  You come away with a completed business plan, more self-awareness, more support than you can ever imagine, and a renewed connection with fellow classmates.  

     “In short - this schooling is a must!  It is truly worth the time and money and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have attended both years.”

Melinda Koehler, Driftstone Campground

Outdoor Hospitality Education Certificate Program

Through its Education Committee, the ARVC Foundation works with the ARVC Education department to continually improve and enhance the educational opportunities and programs offered through ARVC and its affiliated states. A current example of this is the development of the Outdoor Hospitality Education Certificate Program.

The Outdoor Hospitality Education Certificate Program is designed to move away from traditional “classroom” learning to a practical, outcome-based program focusing on hands-on experiences. To facilitate this process, each enrollee will be placed into the Outdoor Hospitality Education Certificate Program tier that is appropriate based on their experience and knowledge of the industry.  The tiers are as follows:

Outdoor Hospitality Generalist (OHG) - Designed for individuals new to the industry or those with minimum industry experience.

Outdoor Hospitality Management (OHM) - Designed for new managers, managers with limited responsibilities, or those wanting to advance their knowledge base and careers.

Outdoor Hospitality Professional (OHP) - Designed for managers with full business management responsibilities, owners, and those wanting to further advance their knowledge base and careers.

Outdoor Hospitality Executive (OHE) - Designed for those with the most experience and anyone who has already taken full advantage of many educational opportunities afforded them and are wanting to give back to the industry by sharing their experience.

Superior Quality Staff - As part of the comprehensive Outdoor Hospitality Education Program, you can earn the designation of “Superior Quality Staff” to demonstrate to your park's exceptional committment to educational development of your staff.

Online Learning

Online Learning Anywhere Anytime

Training your team members is not always easy and can be time consuming.  Sending staff to live events can be costly.  Online learning could be your answer.  Visit to see how online learning can provide training to elevate the knowledge base of your staff.


Do you want to train your entire staff all at once at your location?  We can do that as well.  Call Melissa Romsdahl at 303.681.0401, x121, or send her an email at for more information.